Writing a Research Report/Research report/Research paper


A research report is often defined as a self-explanatory reporting of the findings obtained from a research project or an assignment which had been presented to students to seek more information concerning a given topic. When writing a research report, certain elements or concepts must be incorporated into the work to ensure that it meets the quality or degree which is expected by the lecturer. These concepts are specific to research report such that a student should be conversant with them as research reports are common in tertiary institutions of learning. Consequently, the grading criteria indicated by learning institutions are often dependent on these concepts of writing a research report as they act like a guideline to the student.

One of the most important aspects which should be considered seriously is choosing a topic that is relevant to that particular report before writing a research report. This is because the instructor will have to look at the title which is given to the research report then relate it with the content therein to determine if it is relevant. Consequently, the information that is incorporated when writing a research report should be reliable, valid and relevant to the topic. Actually there should be a close relationship between the topic of the research paper and the nature of information which has been added to feed the research paper.

When writing a research report it is therefore, vital to understand the topic, as well as, get an insight into the nature of information required by the instructor. This is useful as it will enable the student to gather information that is not only related to the topic but also relevant to the paper. Such information is obtained by researching sites which are both academic, as well as, reliable hence ensuring that the information is valid. Writing a research report can be tricky especially where a student has no idea which sites contain reliable information or else which content is valid thus is relevant and valid in the research paper being written.

After the information to be included when writing a research report is obtained and verified as valid, the student should then write it down in the essay. There is a certain procedure which is followed when writing a research report such that various sections are addressed differently as they contain specific information. These include the topic of the research report, the introduction, discussion, conclusion and works cited page. Each of these sections is crucial in writing a research report as the functionality of each is unique and as a way of ensuring that the research report has been able to meet the required specifications, the student has to include each section when writing a research report.

After writing a research report, the student has to ensure that they take sufficient time to read through the details which have already been written in the research report. This gives them ample time to seek and remove errors in the report which may be having disastrous effects on the research report. Some of the errors made when writing a research report include grammatical errors or errors in figures which may interfere with the final task of writing a research report.

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