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Personal statement writing is a form of writing which involves writing an essay that describes a person as a way of making a point known to relevant individuals. Personal statement writings are often conducted by individuals who are seeking job placements or those who are seeking vacancies in reputable institutions of learning. Over the past few years, most of the universities have made it compulsory for students wishing to join such institutions to write a personal statement which acts as an application letter determining the chances of being admitted. Consequently, during the final year of study, most students are taught on how to write job based personal statements which are written in such a way that potential employers are tempted to call the writers for interviews and eventually grant them the job depending on how information is indicated in the personal statement writing effort.

There are various bits of information that are equally compulsory in personal statement writing such as the personal contact details of the writer. These are vital as they act as avenues for subsequent communication in case the candidate is short listed for an interview. Similarly, the writer of the personal statement has to include details regarding their past educational history as these are used to gauge the credibility of the candidate in that post be it a job or admission to college. Hence the personal statement has to indicate that the candidate is most suitable as they have the basic requirements for that particular position.

Consequently, it is important to give details of ones hobbies in the personal statement writing paper as it will give the reviewer an insight into how well the leisure time of an applicant is spent. There is also an allowance for explaining the other skills or achievements that have been attained in the past undertakings by the individual as a way of determining flexibility by merely looking at the personal statement paper.  Hence it is equivocal that the personal statement writer incorporates adequate truthfulness in the essay as false statements may cost the individual a much needed position. This is because when an application is successful and the individual is called upon for an interview, a certain extent of falseness may be exhibited hence nullification of the contents in the personal statement writer’s details on the basis of wrong information.

The personal statement writing task is one of the most crucial documents that are written by potential students and employees hence much effort and caution should be dedicated to the task. After completion of the personal statement writing task, the writer has to go through the entire paper thus eliminating any errors which may have occurred in the course of typing. Errors in personal statement writing amounts to carelessness which is an undesired trait in personal statement writing task thus the reviewer may obtain a negative perception of the applicant. Examples of errors which should be eliminated from personal statement writing paper include grammatical errors or wrong formatting of the personal statement which may interfere with the required perception of the applicant.

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