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The first thing that a writer should do before writing an economics paper is to select an appropriate topic. Writers are advised to choose the topic by themselves and never to depend on other people’s ideas. Economics is an academic field that requires inspiration in order to obtain enough information. The only way for one to get inspiration is through reading several information sources. It is vital to start reading from the sources of information readily available for instance the textbooks used in class.

The other source of information for writing an economics paper is the internet or library. It is evident that the Internet has a vast amount of information on any topic and field of study like economics. Students can also obtain information form the many economic journals available in the library. After exhausting all the information sources, the writer is now ready to write an economics paper abstract. Abstract writing is essential since it helps a writer to focus his or her thoughts and be guided through the economics paper writing process. An abstract contains the problem statement and a brief literature review containing one or two references. An abstract of an economics paper can also describe the research methodology and design.

After writing down the abstract, the writer can research on the theory and try to find data or information and other relevant literature that may be helpful. The basic format of an economics paper comprises the front page that gives the paper’s title, author’s name, supervisor’s name and submission date. There can also be a footnote that gives the address and contacts of the economics paper’s author. The front page may also include a brief abstract consisting of approximately 50 words. The other section of an economics paper is the introduction which presents the problem kin question and its importance. The introduction also gives the information that a writer intends to portray to the economics paper’s reader. The other part is the literature review section which summarizes the relevant literature sources.

Summarization of the key concepts essential to the reader is essential when writing an economics paper’s literature review. The other part is the economics paper is the model which should be simple and brief. Moreover, a writer should present clear explanation of the model. The data used for writing an economics paper and the sources from which they were obtained should also be clearly presented in an economics paper. Presentation of results and linking them to the formulated hypothesis is the other essential step in economics paper writing.

The last part of an economics paper is the summary and the conclusion which may comprise food for thought and the shortcomings of the writing analysis. It is noteworthy that a writer should not forget to include the list of references used for writing an economics paper. Since writing an economics paper can be frustrating, tiring and time-consuming, there is need for economics paper help form custom writing companies.

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