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Critical essay writing is a type of writing that involves analyzing a book or an article. When analyzing a critical essay, a writer has to summarize the author’s perception or point of view and include the key idea presented by the author. Evaluation is the other key feature that writers of critical essays should keep in mind. A critical essay should have an introduction which states the writer’s stand and the importance of the critical essay topic. A rough draft is vital since it guides the critical essay writer through the process of writing by putting down all the key points and ideas.

Critical essays are more like informative essays since they are not solely based on the writer’s opinions and feelings. Critical essay writing should not aim at criticizing an author’s work but rather it should involve critical analysis of the work. Majority of critical essays present new information or teach the audience about a given fact. It is essential for a writer to think of an appropriate topic or subject of discussion prior to writing a critical essay. After choosing an essay topic, a writer can now write the introduction which introduces the discussion subject and may include the author’s name. The writer’s position or stand is also clearly presented in the introductory part of a critical essay.

The section that follows the introduction is the body of the critical essay which contains ideas or facts supporting the writer’s position with regard to the essay topic. A writer should compare the facts that he or she uses to support his or her stand with the ideas of other experts. Use of evidence is critical since it clearly shows why the writer’s views are stronger than the opposing views or ideas. The final section of a critical essay is the conclusion which gives a brief summary of the writer’s position and the supporting evidence.

It is also recommended for writers to restate the critical essay title and the author’s name in the concluding part of the essay. Inclusion of final touches is essential since it enhances the quality of the critical essay writing in one way or another. A critical essay examines or analyses a single topic rather than the whole work.

Quality critical essays are free of stylistic and mechanical mistakes and hence writers should have exceptional skills. Quoting and summarizing critical essays require the use of a given citation format for instance MLA formatting style. Presentation of a formatted list of sources of information used at the end of a critical essay is also necessary.  

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